Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Alaska and the Butchart Gardens part 1

Holy Shit I haven't blogged in a long while! to celebrate my bday and my husband's bday as well as our anniversary we decided to cruise Alaska again. there's a saying that if you visit Alaska when you're young you will spend the rest of your life wanting to go back. we certainly did.

our cruise began in Los Angeles aboard the Celebrity Mercury ship on a 13 day Alaskan cruise. our final stop was Vancouver, Canada where we ended up staying another 4 days which was not nearly enough time there.

Alaska was amazing for its nature, people, sights, history and weather. if I could pick a place to live I'd go for Sitka for its little town atmosphere, nature, Russian culture and calm seas.

one of the main ports was Victoria, Canada and we visited the Butchart Gardens. this is the most beautiful and most amazing jaw dropping gorgeous place! I was in awe of all the flowers, the scents that mingled in the air, the beautiful nature, trees, greenery, garden themes and ice cream :)

my camera was as much in love as I was. this was the first cruise where I had a digital camera and not a 35mm camera so I was armed with plenty of SD cards and I wasn't afraid to snap away.

as I cruised the gardens and took everything in from the Japanese gardens to the sunken gardens I met and fell in love with the Iris flower. I've never seen such bright, magical colors that transformed forever how I see the color blue. poppies and calla lilies and green grass, I touched and felt my way around these beauties as my macro filter penetrated each and every little curve.

Alaska is an amazing place to see and feel and just as I keep longing to go back for more, to travel deeper into Alaska's soul I am longing for the Butchart Gardens too. I long for the Irises, the hydrangeas, the sexy little calla lilies and the poppies in blue and orange swaying back and forth as a lullaby.

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