Friday, March 12, 2010

Blog or no Blog?

here's something I found on the LA Writer's page and have copied it here onto my blog. I only copied the parts I thought were important.

lately I've been debating if I should even keep up with my blog. I originally started it to put my photography out there and plug my etsy shops as well as my writing and experiences but when I read other blogs and see lots of responses or some sort of 2 way or 100 way communication I become discouraged when there are no live readers of my own. maybe I have all this all wrong? I view my blog as an online open to the public diary but aside from a giveaway I'm sure I'd have no followers and honestly... as much as I am generous and love giving away stuff for free I don't just want to be another one of "those" blogs.

here's the article

Dear To Blog or Not to Blog:

You shouldn’t blog. You tried it, like you might try sweet and sour soup, or snowboarding, or tinting your eyelashes and you determined that it wasn’t for you. It’s not a crime not to blog. It’s tempting in this rapidly changing world to think you have to cover all the bases: website, blog, facebook, tweet, and god only knows what’s coming down the pike. Some people are not temperamentally cut out for it. I think Robert Lowell would have blogged, not so Elizabeth Bishop. Walt Whitman and Alan Ginsberg would have blogged; Emily Dickinson might have tweeted. Sylvia Plath would have blogged. Anne Sexton would have been all over Facebook.

Look, it’s certainly an advantage if you have a huge presence on the web, especially if you are starting out and want to show a publisher that you have a following, a platform to use their word. Of course it is. But you can’t make yourself someone you’re not. As far as I can tell, Alice Munro, Jhumpa Lahiri, and Lorrie Moore don’t blog.

What do you think out there? How important is it to B-L-O-G?

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  1. If it's a forum for honest expression and learning, why not?