Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Art of Being Nice

why do some people automatically assume that when they need something it will be done for them and that everybody owes them in their time of need? why is it that those same people are never around when you need them? is the art of being "nice" really such a difficult art to master?

the "one woman revolution" piece I wrote in 2009 cost me a friend, got me some extra confidence and has made things very clear for a few loved ones. I'm not fully there 100% but oh so close.

most people I know have told me that when they met me for the 1st time they thought I was a bitch because I looked like one. what does a bitch look like anyway? then, after they get to know me they tell me I'm the nicest person they know. I guess I have that art mastered pretty well. since I'm jobless I think I will become the teacher of "nice" and I'm accepting application now.

2010 is going to be the year of change. one must re-evaluate life, make their presence known, never be forgotten and just like with everything else the old must go to make room for new. the new will have to better than last year's new and everything must move forward and upwards. nice will equal genuine and not fake. bitch will equal get the fuck away from me!


  1. Hello Ina,

    I guess the problem with nice or good ppl, as they so ardently like to be referred to, is their boorish sense of credulity never allows them to mind their own business. They will be tirelessly trying to pass the goodie goodie syndrome to the ones they deem as needing redemption.

    I have often wondered why it is so impressed upon us to be good, is the question one of moral predicament.

    Anyway, your profile was interesting in a way that you have started writing your novel.

    Actually, as a confession, so am I at this point, working on my first novel.Though I happen to be a professional computer programmer, with a literature background of course.

    But writing and writers are something that forever appeal to my senses,

  2. thanks for your post. I would love to read some of your writing as well. :)