Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Art of Being Nice

why do some people automatically assume that when they need something it will be done for them and that everybody owes them in their time of need? why is it that those same people are never around when you need them? is the art of being "nice" really such a difficult art to master?

the "one woman revolution" piece I wrote in 2009 cost me a friend, got me some extra confidence and has made things very clear for a few loved ones. I'm not fully there 100% but oh so close.

most people I know have told me that when they met me for the 1st time they thought I was a bitch because I looked like one. what does a bitch look like anyway? then, after they get to know me they tell me I'm the nicest person they know. I guess I have that art mastered pretty well. since I'm jobless I think I will become the teacher of "nice" and I'm accepting application now.

2010 is going to be the year of change. one must re-evaluate life, make their presence known, never be forgotten and just like with everything else the old must go to make room for new. the new will have to better than last year's new and everything must move forward and upwards. nice will equal genuine and not fake. bitch will equal get the fuck away from me!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Yoga Log: Pretzel

Slowly but surely I am becoming a pretzel. If I'm not trying to maneuver my body and legs into a pretzel shape I definitely want to eat a pretzel from auntie Ann's! I've been at this yoga thing off and on for a while now and I don't feel any limber, haven't lost any weight, my knees hurt yet I feel stronger... or is it just my mind making excuses for myself?

currently I am tempted to try pilates and get that big, giant green plastic ball I simply call, the yoga ball, out of hiding from my dungeon. Last time I tried the yoga ball routine I fell off of it so hard my face smacked onto the floor in no time!

I wonder if perhaps I like the abuse.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Blog or no Blog?

here's something I found on the LA Writer's page and have copied it here onto my blog. I only copied the parts I thought were important.

lately I've been debating if I should even keep up with my blog. I originally started it to put my photography out there and plug my etsy shops as well as my writing and experiences but when I read other blogs and see lots of responses or some sort of 2 way or 100 way communication I become discouraged when there are no live readers of my own. maybe I have all this all wrong? I view my blog as an online open to the public diary but aside from a giveaway I'm sure I'd have no followers and honestly... as much as I am generous and love giving away stuff for free I don't just want to be another one of "those" blogs.

here's the article

Dear To Blog or Not to Blog:

You shouldn’t blog. You tried it, like you might try sweet and sour soup, or snowboarding, or tinting your eyelashes and you determined that it wasn’t for you. It’s not a crime not to blog. It’s tempting in this rapidly changing world to think you have to cover all the bases: website, blog, facebook, tweet, and god only knows what’s coming down the pike. Some people are not temperamentally cut out for it. I think Robert Lowell would have blogged, not so Elizabeth Bishop. Walt Whitman and Alan Ginsberg would have blogged; Emily Dickinson might have tweeted. Sylvia Plath would have blogged. Anne Sexton would have been all over Facebook.

Look, it’s certainly an advantage if you have a huge presence on the web, especially if you are starting out and want to show a publisher that you have a following, a platform to use their word. Of course it is. But you can’t make yourself someone you’re not. As far as I can tell, Alice Munro, Jhumpa Lahiri, and Lorrie Moore don’t blog.

What do you think out there? How important is it to B-L-O-G?