Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Yoga Log: Bruised

I'm not sure which is more bruised... my ego or my knees!

I am into my 4th consistent week of yoga and still cannot master any of the poses nor their names! I think I will be a beginner forever! I did notice, however, that my knees are bruised and hurt. not sure if it's because it seems like 90% of the poses always end up on your knees or if my yoga mat is not as thick as it should be for my virgin knees.

It might be that time when I tried my first balancing act where you take your right foot and lay it flat on your left thigh as you stand on one foot with your arms extended as high as possible towards the ceiling... I must have been in a yoga daze or perhaps praying to a yogi to let time fly by as I stood there extended, somewhat balanced and definitely not tall enough to touch the cottage cheese that is my ceiling. Well it must have been somewhere between the reach and the balance that my foot slipped and to remain in position (as if!) I started to fall like a timber in slow motion in my forest of yoga equipment when I decided to break my fall by grabbing onto the coffee table since it's the kind that's soft and doubles as a foot rest... well that was mistake #1.

Mistake # 2 came when I smacked my wrist against the tip of the coffee table/foot rest incognito and hit my right knee and leg as I harshly sat myself down on the yoga mat. thank god for the yoga mat! since it's designed to keep you from skidding I have a nice "anti-skid burn" on the side of my poor knee.

Of course the real shame of it all happened when Moosa was suddenly awakened from the start of his 18 hour nap and came over to sniff my leg then face to make sure I was still alive and that breakfast would be served at the usual time come next morning. then, as if that wasn't enough Moosa sat on me as if to say "there! you're fixed! now enough with the raucous let's go back to sleep!"

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