Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Yoga Log: Development

There's been a few developments.

The best one is that my body no longer aches to the point of squealing every time I move. That would be awesome news if my body didn't crack in the awkward positions of stretching with one knee up and the other one over and under then turn to the side and breathe... Namaste

Change number two comes with a new purchase of a thick Yoga mat in one of my favorite colors, 2 purple foam blocks to help me stretch bend down as possible without hurting myself while I'm still a newbie and the scariest of all change is a stretch band or belt which is supposed to guide me in stretches and hold my arms and legs in position. I haven't tried the band yet because I'm scared I'll get stuck like a pretzel and have to call my husband to rush home and un-pretzel me! The good thing about the band is that I can also use it when I graduate to Pilates. :)

Development number three is that Moosa's curiosity and laughter (meows) have subsided and he now sleeps through the whole routine.

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