Thursday, January 14, 2010

Yoga Log: Aching Pain!

Day 2 of practicing Yoga.

This morning I attempted the 48 minute beginners routine on the Fit Channel. Boy was I way over my head! I guess I'm not even a beginner. I must be a pre-beginner! The routine was not complicated but when your body has never twisted in any which way and when your legs don't even cross all the way when sitting Indian style... well let's just say it was work! I aced the standing and breathing into center part real well :) the other stances were a bit trickier but I held my own till the body lifts came into play. First of all it's very difficult to balance half of your right side of the body and the left side at the same time. Who knew?

Some of the hip and back stretches felt great while my bones cracked into place and stretched in ways I never knew were possible. Moosa didn't laugh/meow much at me this time but he sure found it amusing when I'd yelp myself in and out of a position. Right now, sitting at my computer desk, my whole body aches. There's a section just under my shoulders and towards the bottom of the joint that HURTS!!! What is that? And then I found a muscle I must have stretched for the first time in my life that is on the inner thigh and towards the buttocks. That place HURTS!!! My knees and legs too and don't get me started on my arms... The only place that feels alright are my hips. I worked those babies and stretched them and twisted them into lion meets bear over-looking a mountain... Please someone explain to me the reasoning behind each position name...

In any case... today I bought my very first Yoga mat. It's dark blue, super thick and long and comes with its own carrying strap. I'm stoked. Now I'm on the lookout for a foam block and a stretch strap because apparently if your knees cannot touch the floor from above your head you need a stretch strap or band.

I'm committed but I HURT!!! Must be working then. Tomorrow I give myself a rest since I'm going to a ceramic craft show and over the weekend I'm sure my husband will want to join Moosa as I break in my new Yoga mat. Lets see who laughs the loudest..


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