Thursday, October 1, 2009

1 Month in School

OMG a whole month has passed by since my first day of going back to school! It gave me great pleasure to read all of the comments posted for the "back to school giveaway" and I have to admit that I was worried for nothing. I'm actually holding up well considering my ripe old age of 34!

I graduated with a BA in English/Creative Writing in 2000 and have done absolutely nothing with my degree. Never wrote that novel I set out to write, never finished my teaching credential and have lost all desire to teach in school and of course, you guessed it... never finished my masters either! I never enjoyed the few jobs I've held since graduating and this week marks 1 year since I've worked for an actual paycheck.

Going back to school for a Web Design Certificate gives me hope to someday not only make lots of money while at home in my pj's but also doing something I enjoy. I love my computer. I mean I love sitting at my desk starring at the computer screen and browse, chat, write, create, shop, update my etsy shops and my blog. I get lost in my computer. When I vacation I miss 2 things the most -my precious shit-head-Lucifer cat Moosa and my computer. Sick, I know!

So what have I learned thus far? Dreamweaver program is cool. Photoshop aggravates me because I'm old-school, I prefer to keep pictures natural and I even miss my manual 35mm film camera. Lastly, I've learned that in order to succeed in life one must invest time, effort and money in oneself.

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  1. hang in there my little student! :-)
    your hard work will pay off!!!!!!!!