Thursday, August 20, 2009



photo of the Spanish monastery just outside Barcelona, Spain. it was built into the rocks for protection and seclusion. to say that the views and place itself is stunning and spiritual is an understatement. look closely towards the middle and top. to get there you either drive a little winding road at the edge of the cliff or take the aerial tram. I drove and next time its aerial tram all the way!

Black Madonna in Spain

photo of the black Madonna located in Montserrat. there are only 2 black Madonnas in the world, Montserrat's is the 2nd. the first, if I'm not mistaken, is in Prague. These are the only 2 black Madonnas recognized by John Paul the second. people gather to this statue from all over the world to pray to her for fertility and health. legend has it that when she was discovered by the monks they could not move her so they built Montserrat around her. the statue is enclosed in a glass box so that no one will touch her. I couldn't help myself so I took a picture of her because standing in front of her felt good inside. I cannot explain the feeling and even today when I think about it I feel good inside from having seen her.

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