Thursday, July 9, 2009


Pompeii was one of our favorite stops in Europe.

This archway led to a typical city neighborhood. I found the cobble stoned street beautiful and the archway full of life. Naples is a beautiful, restless, full-bodied, crazy little place on the upper part of the boot. even the ruins and what is left of Pompeii has transformed little in the way the Napoletani live their life. best part of this cruise port was the pizza. seriously the best pizza is from Naples. what made it the best? the fact that we ate in the basement of a restaurant and had little to no time to sit and eat properly since our boat was leaving for the island of Capri and our group literally raced down a flight of steep stairs and into the unknown all the while Alex holding onto our cheesy thin slice of pizza as we rushed through the locals watching us savor this masterpiece to the last bite.

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  1. One of the places I really want to visit. :)