Thursday, July 9, 2009

One Woman Revolution

Fact or Fiction?

I HATE sensitive, ungrateful, mood-swinger people! since when has it become okay to get mad over the mundane like a misunderstood comment or the tone in someone voice? does age have anything to do with it? why are people so hurtful towards one another and when did selective memory become an excuse? what is wrong with everyone? really!

I'm sick and tired of keeping my feelings bottled up so that they may rot inside me. I've decided to re-invent myself. the new me will be even more straight-forward with a tell-it-like-is attitude. I can dish it but I can also take it. the new me is finished with allowing people to walk all over me and that includes friends and loved ones. I'm sick and tired of sugar coating it for the "sensitive" people and I'm done being nice to the "ungrateful" people. the new me will remind the ungrateful people that they should be grateful and show appreciation. I'm also done tip-toeing around the "mood swingers". go swing somewhere else!

the new me is a one woman revolution. I am not afraid of the consequences and I will live and learn from my mistakes. I've got ammunition and my mouth is cocked and loaded. the new me is not waiting for the new year to begin this revolution. it starts today, 7 8 9.

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  1. Anna, You spoke my thoughts out..way to go!!!