Thursday, July 2, 2009

my way is the better way and the only way

I like my music LOUD
the louder the better! I love to either sing along, drum on the steering wheel, day-dream and speed to a fast rock or dance tune...

no eating in the car
I hate people who make messes in my car. I don't like crumbs or sticky fingers. I like it neat and my way because my way is the better way and the only way.

don't touch anything
see the no eating in the car...

dirty hands, sticky fingers, throwing things on the floor when they should be thrown out of the car... I like it neat! no applying make up in the car either!

don't roll the window down
I have long hair. I love my hair. I hate my hair. wind, air from an open window makes my hair fly and become frizzy. I like the sun roof open. this way the air is distributed evenly in the car and my hair stays beautiful.

this needs no explanation... just respect me and my FoXy!

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