Saturday, July 25, 2009

Contest Winner

congratulations to mom2anutball for winning the purple earrings! her name was chosen this morning as the contest winner.

thank you so much to everyone that participated and was excited about the earrings. keep checking back as I will be adding more giveaways soon.


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Earring Giveaway

It's time for another giveaway!
I've selected a beautiful pair of deep purple and lavender Swarovsky crystal earrings.

About the earrings:
super purple and lavender sparkle earrings are about 8mm round Swarovsky crystals which measure a little over an inch long and a little less than 1/2 inch wide. the earpiece and spacers are sterling silver as well. the picture does not do it justice as the color is deep and rich.
you'll be queen of the night with these!

How to Enter:
there's 3 ways to enter your name for your chance to win. the more you do the more chances you get.

one entry for each of the following:
1. follow my blog
2. follow me on twitter and tweet about my blog and giveaway (username is: moosamoose)
3. mark me as a favorite in any and all of my etsy shops (see sidebar)

a winner will be randomly selected on July 25th and notified via email
good luck and happy shopping!


Stunning photo of a section of the Parthenon ruin in Greece, Athens. the columns are as massive as the heat and sweat dripping down our faces as we hiked our way through the Agora. Standing in front of the ruins and temples of gods literally took me back in time, made me feel closer to God and was one of the greatest accomplishments of my life to climb the 244 gigantic steps to the ruins.

Ponte Vecchio

photo of the famous Ponte Vecchio (old Bridge), Il Duomo in Florence, Italy and Pisa. we listened to the bell tower chime as my husband Alex and I shared an original Fanta orange drink. The streets leading to these beautiful scenes are old rocky and uneven streets filled with markets, jewelry stores and lots of independent vendors. it's a bit on the dark side when filled with so many people, tourist mixed with locals and as you walk up towards the bridge the echos that fill your ears are released into the air as you take in the beauty and breath of old mixed into the new.


Pompeii was one of our favorite stops in Europe.

This archway led to a typical city neighborhood. I found the cobble stoned street beautiful and the archway full of life. Naples is a beautiful, restless, full-bodied, crazy little place on the upper part of the boot. even the ruins and what is left of Pompeii has transformed little in the way the Napoletani live their life. best part of this cruise port was the pizza. seriously the best pizza is from Naples. what made it the best? the fact that we ate in the basement of a restaurant and had little to no time to sit and eat properly since our boat was leaving for the island of Capri and our group literally raced down a flight of steep stairs and into the unknown all the while Alex holding onto our cheesy thin slice of pizza as we rushed through the locals watching us savor this masterpiece to the last bite.

One Woman Revolution

Fact or Fiction?

I HATE sensitive, ungrateful, mood-swinger people! since when has it become okay to get mad over the mundane like a misunderstood comment or the tone in someone voice? does age have anything to do with it? why are people so hurtful towards one another and when did selective memory become an excuse? what is wrong with everyone? really!

I'm sick and tired of keeping my feelings bottled up so that they may rot inside me. I've decided to re-invent myself. the new me will be even more straight-forward with a tell-it-like-is attitude. I can dish it but I can also take it. the new me is finished with allowing people to walk all over me and that includes friends and loved ones. I'm sick and tired of sugar coating it for the "sensitive" people and I'm done being nice to the "ungrateful" people. the new me will remind the ungrateful people that they should be grateful and show appreciation. I'm also done tip-toeing around the "mood swingers". go swing somewhere else!

the new me is a one woman revolution. I am not afraid of the consequences and I will live and learn from my mistakes. I've got ammunition and my mouth is cocked and loaded. the new me is not waiting for the new year to begin this revolution. it starts today, 7 8 9.

Friday, July 3, 2009


I'm celebrating independence day in all 3 of my Etsy shops until Sunday, July 5th.
Check it out... the perfect gift is a click away... is free shipping on all purchases. just write the word "fireworks" at checkout and I will refund you the shipping through paypal. is also free shipping on all jewelry, books, lace and doily. just write the word "fireworks" at checkout and I will refund you the shipping through paypal. has a new SALE section where over 40 items have been discounted from their original price.

Happy 4th of July and happy shopping...

Thursday, July 2, 2009

my way is the better way and the only way

I like my music LOUD
the louder the better! I love to either sing along, drum on the steering wheel, day-dream and speed to a fast rock or dance tune...

no eating in the car
I hate people who make messes in my car. I don't like crumbs or sticky fingers. I like it neat and my way because my way is the better way and the only way.

don't touch anything
see the no eating in the car...

dirty hands, sticky fingers, throwing things on the floor when they should be thrown out of the car... I like it neat! no applying make up in the car either!

don't roll the window down
I have long hair. I love my hair. I hate my hair. wind, air from an open window makes my hair fly and become frizzy. I like the sun roof open. this way the air is distributed evenly in the car and my hair stays beautiful.

this needs no explanation... just respect me and my FoXy!