Monday, June 29, 2009

Saint Peter's Basilica in Rome, Italy

photo of the columns on the right side of Saint Peter's Basilica in Rome, Italy. the architecture and texture of these columns is just as stunning in person. the columns are massive! standing between them on a warm day after an 8 hour walk around town and the cool breeze running through my hair felt romantic, rich and cold at the same time. I remember seeing the columns from when I was a child and the basilica is still overwhelming even after 20 years away. Rome is a romantic city full of love, laughter and pasta. I know it's crazy but the columns brought those memories back to me and I swear I could smell and taste all things Roma...

Castello Sant'Angelo in Rome, Italy

photo of Castello Sant'Angelo in Rome, Italy. when I lived in Rome as a kid my dad rescued our German shepherd dog, Ciro, from that castle. the view is from a busy bridge. we walked almost 8 hours around Rome from Piazza di Spagna to Fontana Di Trevi and my favorite all time place in Rome, Piazza Navona. our day was spent walking through history as well as the childhood memories I've been sharing with my hubby Alex since the day I met him. sadly, the castle is not a very popular tourist destination but it is none-the-less a very beautiful castle with much history. our 2nd honeymoon we will go inside....

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Government RANT

I am not a political person. I do not enjoy debates, I don't care about who said what. I make my own decisions when it comes to believing what I see on TV and read on the net and newspapers. I vote. I follow the law minus an occasional "lead foot" moment and I respect other people's way of life even though I disagree with it. that said, here is why I'm so pissed at the government today.

I usually receive free birth control at my doctor's office. since they ran out of free samples I had to get a prescription and buy birth control this month around. there are 30 pills in a birth control round. 7 of these pills are water pills because they help signal to your body that it's time for that annoying friend to come by for a visit. technically, minus these 7 pills, there are now 23 pills in a round that a woman needs to take in order to avoid an unwanted pregnancy.

my pharmacy bill for this birth control came to $50! that means $50 a month for a year equals to $600 which translates to $1.66 a pill a day or $2.17 a pill a day if divided by the 23 pills actually needed and taken in a month.

my husband works hard to provide for our home, cars, cat, vacations, life in general and he also pays out of pocket a few hundred dollars a month for the both of us to have PPO health insurance which is supposed to be better than HMO insurance. we pay a high premium, yearly deductible and office co-pays plus 20% of what the insurance does not cover which believe me is a lot they don't cover.

I cannot afford $50 a month for birth control so my understanding of this is that the government would rather have a woman be on welfare and support her child for 18 years rather than give her free birth control and save millions of dollars. where is the logic in that? can someone please explain this to me? seems to me like the health care system and the government have all this backwards. and then we wonder why the economy is failing?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Get lost in 'If I Told You Once by Judith Budnitz' at the beach

think Russian witches and monsters, travel and a bit of snow.

it's a fairytale, folklore, mythology, history, love and friendship, mystery, crazy wild ride of a story!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Traveling Ring

I drove about 100 miles this past Friday to attend a ceramic craft show in San Bernardino. I make this trip twice a year with my craft-sisters. The show was awesome and I came away with knowledge, new paints and brushes, a whole lot of projects and a very small blue ring.

I found a tiny little ring on the ladies bathroom sink. I can only assume that someone took it off while they washed their hands and then walked away without it. The ring is so small it doesn't even fit on my pinkie finger. I asked the tiny girl charging admissions at the door if it was hers and if she could place it in the lost and found but she didn't quite care for what I had to say. After keeping an eye out for either a small child or a very tiny woman with tiny fingers I pocketed the ring and took it home.

Starring at this little ring now I wonder about its history and story. I've decided that I will send this ring on a journey. My plan is to tie a little ribbon to the ring with a tag that explains its found origins and my blog address.

I will leave it on a random bathroom sink with the following directions:
if the ring fits and you like it, keep it and wear it in good fortune. If it does not fit or you don't like it then place it in another public place where it can be found easily. Then, leave me a comment on the blog about what you did and why.

The experiment will be to see how far the ring travels before someone makes it their own.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

WINNERS for the Father's Day photo giveaway

Congratulations to notworthwriting and the Lingo Family for being the second contest winners. notworthwriting choose "Pinky" and the Lingo Family chose the "Serpent Sun" as their favorite pictures.

Meant to be.... when all the contestants names were placed in a hat for picking 2 of the papers were stuck together so I decided that both should be winners.

Congratulations and enjoy your pictures!

Check back often as I will be adding another contest soon. Also check out my stores as I have been adding new listings daily. Remember that the perfect gift is a click away.....