Thursday, April 2, 2009

My favorite rooms

Surrounded by memories and beauty these 2 rooms help me create more memories and beauty in many different forms

I have 2 favorite rooms for 2 different reasons.

I love my bedroom because the bed is so comfortable and the wood furniture is beautiful. I picked the wall paint color called "cream puff" because the furniture has these puffy like ridges which are my favorite part of the furniture. the ridges frame each piece as if it were a painting on legs displayed for my pleasure. I run my fingers along the ridges of my bedside table and when I wake up in the morning, right before Moosa the very hungry cat starts to go nuts and meow-howl, I stare at the ridges on the dresser and even though they are not perfectly 100% even or my mom likes to point out... I love them anyway. I enjoy lounging on the bed thinking about many different things. I mostly love it because I feel safe in my bedroom. I've always enjoyed thinking and living in my own world. I think about anything from grocery lists of what I will be cooking up for the day or week to books I've read, people I've seen, tv shows I like, conversations I've had and of course, my art. sometimes, during the night, right before I fall asleep I have visions of what I want to paint or color combos that would work for a piece I'm already working on. as much as I am conservative I have a very surreal nature to how I view things and I always dream in color.

I love my office because I'm surrounded by books and papers and I love how they smell. the office is the only room in whole house that does not match anything or even go together for any reason. we call the office the "blue room" because the walls were once blue but now are light yellow and spunky instead of just blue. each inch of wall space is covered with framed "The Simpson's" puzzle, clock and a talking power plant with Homer and Mr. Burns. the other side of the table which sits right next to the window are 3 large bookshelves with books standing horizontally and laying vertically. books on top of books and picture frames of family, friends, our beloved cat Moosa and our travel destinations along with boxes of pictures and travel scrapbooks held back by knickknacks and pottery I paint. that side of the wall and all the way to the window wall we hung suns and moons we've collected from Mexico, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, my own painted ceramics and gifts. a total of 12. the table is a mess of papers, bills to be paid, a tree person I painted, a talking "deedee" from "Dexter's Laboratory" and my Anna Nicole Smith bobble head, a laptop, a desk computer, lots of wires, a ukulele we bought in Kona, Hawaii and 3 Hawaiian Tiki Gods of life, money and eternity, a pink piggy bank, an ugly black lamp since we have no light in the office, 2 printers, 1 color, 1 laser, lots of pens and markers, more books, journals, notes, a Rubik cube, 2 skull piggy banks, 14 mexican animal bobble heads, my hieroglyphic name and zodiac sign, a collection of mexican phallic pipes and a collection of little buddhas among a few giraffe statues, cow miniatures, rocks we collected in Pompeii, Italy, Greece, Mexico, Guatemala and France.

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