Thursday, March 26, 2009

it travels with me

cell phone
duh! how did we ever live without one? very well actually!

keys to the following places/things:
my house, my yard gate, Foxy my car, my mom's house, her mailbox and gate, 1 car remote, lots of keychains

pocket mirror
it's in the shape of an envelope and I use it after every meal to make sure I don;t have anything stuck between my teeth.... hygiene... I know!

5 wet-naps and 1 anti-bac gel
I don't like dirt and I have a slight germ phobia

pocket sized monthly calendar and mini notebook
I have a cell phone but not a blackberry or PDA or whatever it is these days. I'm old-fashioned somewhat... I like to write things down on paper

mini blue pen and best pen ever!
I love my Infinity pen. it writes so well... so fluid...

most important - the wallet
little fossil wallet with CC's and $, ID, change, pics and discount cards

travel tissue and a purse hanger
I don;t like to place my purse on the floor and if I can't hang it on the chair then I use my purse buddy to suspend it from the table. and when boogers attack you can never have too much tissue....

travel size tums and aleve
for when the stomach hurts and when the head explodes

female stuff
you can never be without

lipstick, lip balm, extra hair clip
lipstick for when the mood strikes, lip balm to keep lips soft and supple and a hair clip to keep my long hair away from my face in case the original pin breaks

band-aids and alcohol wipes
emergencies like paper cuts or for the feet when I wear new shoes and haven't broken them in yet

because I'm worth it


depends on how attractive they are and if they smell bad or not.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Ditch the Ditch

the cruise and most of the ports we visited had certain moments of beauty while overall the cruise was fantastic...little periods of reality like watching people starve and the poverty around us made me wish for the comforts and luxuries of home where I am safe and happy... this was certainly eye opening and made both us appreciate even more what we have.

Our last cruise we spent 14 days crossing the Panama Canal from Florida back to LA. One of the stops was Nicaragua and although I knew it was a poor country and the volcano and city tour was practically downtown San Juan Del Sur... neither my hubby or I were prepared for the high level of poverty, people living in ditches, starving horses and mules wasting away in the hot sun and most shocking of all... little kids begging for money, selling molded nuts while wearing little to no clothes. of course the city was beautiful for it's architecture, cuisine, our tour guide, the active volcano and the church/museum we visited but while we walked and tried to admire what was in front of us we could not move past the flock of kids trying to sell us something, the poverty we had seen, the dirt and the constant echo of " signora, ceramico?"

Gaudi and Tapas

it's one of the most beautiful places in the world. the architecture alone is worth a visit. when I honeymooned in Barcelona after our Mediterranean cruise I fell in love with the people, food, Gaudi and Dali` all over again. The beaches are awesome, the arts, dance, flamenco and chocolate. :)