Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Santa Paula Chills on V-Day

I decided I needed an adventurous road trip on Saturday to celebrate Valentine's Day by escaping the craziness of restaurants and such... so dumb-ass me reads about a place called "Santa Paula" -Ventura county's citrus capitol of the world -whatever! the pictures looked so cute and the little town reminded me of Solvang which I love so I figured it's close enough to home (we live in Woodland Hills) and we can go there for the day. I also read about the Fillmore train that takes their passengers to Santa Paula for the day. In any case, we decide to drive out after a yummy breakfast in T.O. and as expected we drive past farm land and into the "citrus fields" (about 1 acre of lemon and orange trees that I could see) and into Santa Paula... best described as the ventura capitol of fright! I felt as though we were in an episode of the Texas chainsaw massacre!!!
We drove on this tiny little road towards a beautiful snowy mountain with farm houses on each side and the more upwards we drove the scarier these farm houses looked. They literally looked like some of the scenery and houses in the movie. I kid you not! I even made a comment to my husband when we saw an old Victorian style farm house with broken glass, rusted cars in the yard and what appeared to be a guillotine or some metal torture device. I am totally serious!
At that point we decided to turn back and explore main street where all the people were. We parked my car and walked up the street to the train station where a whole bunch of people were recently dropped off. Picture this... it's Valentine's Day, day for love, flowers and happiness right?... Ok the crowd of people was not smiling and just about everyone was starring at us. Now it's very possible that the reason why people were starring at my husband and I was because of our good looks and charming smiles -but no! We quickly came to realize that not only is my beloved car the best looking one out there out of all the chicken trucks but my hubby and I are white! Especially me... I am so bright white I practically glow! Now you'd think that this fact or the 4th 98 cents store we passed by or the 3rd used clothing store advertising the coolest cowboy belts or even police on motorcycles and "off-road" SUV's on the two blocks of this main street gave us a clue... no. It was the very exciting half a block police chase we witness that made our brains click that we should leave this little Mexican hick town and be gone, far gone... needless to say we will not be visiting Santa Paula anytime soon... -more like ever!


  1. Look at the positive - at least the bread was fresh and yummy! :-)

  2. At least you had a memorable V-Day, right?