Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Happy Thanksgiving!!! In honor of turkey day all 3 of my Etsy stores are on sale!

everything in the store is buy one get the second of equal or lesser value 15% off, 25% off and 50% off depending on the store. Purchase the items you like and write "Etsy Holiday Sale" in the seller note box. I will do the rest for you and refund your $$$ via paypal the same day.

Sale is good till December 15th and all items will be delivered in time for gift giving. Convo me with any questions or special requests.

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Happy Shopping and Happy Holidays!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Reason Season Lifetime


this last week I've been rather anxious and puzzled. I seemed to have lost a friend somewhere this year but actually realized it a few days ago. I've reached out to her every way I can and nothing. total silence. I've sent emails and bday cards which have received no answers. recently I found out that her phone numbers have all changed and I don't have the new ones since I was never given them. I know she's alive because I've received an amazon gift wish list email for her son and another recent email with pictures of her and her son. I replied and asked what the heck happened and still no answer.


I've lost many friends throughout the years. some good, most bad but none without a warning or some sort of hint. seriously... how does one walk away without a word?
my friend lives in another state. maybe she's upset that I didn't send her son a bday gift form the wish list. maybe she's upset because it's hard to sit down for a phone call when everyday responsibilities constantly tug at you. maybe something happened and she's just forgotten me. forgotten all the good times we shared. forgotten the laughs we shared. forgotten the tears, the friendship, the devotion, love, music, life, our world, our 4 hour lunches at Chin Chin's and dessert.


I've known her since I was 16 years old. she taught me how to drink alcohol, flirt with men, the difference between a boy and a man. she taught me how to care for someone you love or really, really like a lot. she taught me the difference between a good rock band and a bad one. she taught me bad words in Spanish. she taught me how to be assertive and at the same time smile and appear shy. most importantly... she taught me the difference between strength and vulnerability.

I don't have many friends. it's very difficult for me to form new relationships and even keep the ones I currently have. I'm ashamed to say... even with family. I don't know why that is. I might be finicky or overly cautious. I'm too damn sensitive that's for sure and it takes time to get my guard down and trust. But I am a friend for life through good and bad. I give of myself fully with love, patience and the wisdom my heart has experienced. although I'm tired of all the bullshit in general that surrounds my life.. I am mourning this loss, this friend I've had for so long... this lost friend of mine.

Monday, October 26, 2009


for a limited time take 25% off the sale price (not including shipping) from the "Books, Cards, Paper" and the "Sew, Buttons, Supplies" sections. please write "Limited Sale" in the notes to seller at checkout and I will refund you through paypal the same day. Sale ends November 5th. happy shopping

all Halloween items are 15% off until November 5th. just write in the message box at checkout "Halloween" and a refund will be posted though paypal the same day. sale does not include shipping cost.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

1 Month in School

OMG a whole month has passed by since my first day of going back to school! It gave me great pleasure to read all of the comments posted for the "back to school giveaway" and I have to admit that I was worried for nothing. I'm actually holding up well considering my ripe old age of 34!

I graduated with a BA in English/Creative Writing in 2000 and have done absolutely nothing with my degree. Never wrote that novel I set out to write, never finished my teaching credential and have lost all desire to teach in school and of course, you guessed it... never finished my masters either! I never enjoyed the few jobs I've held since graduating and this week marks 1 year since I've worked for an actual paycheck.

Going back to school for a Web Design Certificate gives me hope to someday not only make lots of money while at home in my pj's but also doing something I enjoy. I love my computer. I mean I love sitting at my desk starring at the computer screen and browse, chat, write, create, shop, update my etsy shops and my blog. I get lost in my computer. When I vacation I miss 2 things the most -my precious shit-head-Lucifer cat Moosa and my computer. Sick, I know!

So what have I learned thus far? Dreamweaver program is cool. Photoshop aggravates me because I'm old-school, I prefer to keep pictures natural and I even miss my manual 35mm film camera. Lastly, I've learned that in order to succeed in life one must invest time, effort and money in oneself.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Giveaway Winner *yay*

Congratulations to Suzanne for winning the pink Swarovski bracelet! her name was chosen this very early morning as the contest winner.

thank you so much to everyone that participated and was excited about the bracelet. keep checking back as I will be adding more giveaways soon.

I hope this will bring a smile to your face.

*yay for Suzanne*


Friday, September 4, 2009


In honor of Labor Day weekend I am hosting a secret sale in my ceramics shop http://www.4craftsisters.etsy.com where everything in the store is 10% off.

at checkout type "Secret Sale" in the message to seller box and receive 10% off anything and everything in the store. I will refund you the money through paypal the same day.

the secret sale for 10% off purchase price is only good in the ceramics shop. Valid Saturday, September 5th to Monday, September 7th.

Happy shopping!

Sunday, August 23, 2009


I heart pink. I heart love. I heart hearts.
I heart giving away free stuff :)

8 inch long silver plated bracelet with pink swarovski crystals is the perfect accessory that pops with sexy, dressy, casual and awesome style.

After graduating college 9 years ago I've decided to go back to school. The thought of learning a new career, meeting new people and doing something outside of my comfort zone is scary. I think that reading some of your stories about "outside of the comfort zone" experiences and how you dealt with them will calm my nerves and center me in preparing for this new chapter in my life. so here is a breakdown of the back 2 school contest guidelines:

1 entry for your "outside of the comfort zone" story

1 entry for following my blog

1 entry for following my tweets (user name: moosamoose)

2 entries for following each of my Etsy stores:

5 entries for purchasing anything in any of my Etsy stores

please comment on each entry with your name and email address. remember that the more you do the more chances you have to win. I will announce a winner on September 25th. Thanks for playing and good luck :)

Thursday, August 20, 2009



photo of the Spanish monastery just outside Barcelona, Spain. it was built into the rocks for protection and seclusion. to say that the views and place itself is stunning and spiritual is an understatement. look closely towards the middle and top. to get there you either drive a little winding road at the edge of the cliff or take the aerial tram. I drove and next time its aerial tram all the way!

Black Madonna in Spain

photo of the black Madonna located in Montserrat. there are only 2 black Madonnas in the world, Montserrat's is the 2nd. the first, if I'm not mistaken, is in Prague. These are the only 2 black Madonnas recognized by John Paul the second. people gather to this statue from all over the world to pray to her for fertility and health. legend has it that when she was discovered by the monks they could not move her so they built Montserrat around her. the statue is enclosed in a glass box so that no one will touch her. I couldn't help myself so I took a picture of her because standing in front of her felt good inside. I cannot explain the feeling and even today when I think about it I feel good inside from having seen her.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


photos of the Familia Sagrada's inside looking out in Barcelona, Spain. the structure is amazing and being inside it felt slightly reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland. most of Gaudi's work reminds me of Wonderland yet this particular structure is also very spiritual and moving.

Talk to the Hand!

Photo of Salvador Dali surreal statue taken at the Dali revolving museum in Barcelona, Spain. Our hotel was in the Gothic Quarter next to this fab cathedral so I walked to the museum which was off of La Ramblas street. I named the piece "drawers" for obvious reasons... I just love Dali! He truly thought outside of the box. the sad part about this photo is that the museum actually sold a replica statue but it was 2,000 euros! When I win the lottery and become a millionaire I'm totally going to buy it and place my necklaces inside the drawers. Maybe even hang one or two on the drawer pulls and the hand of course. Have a mentioned I love Dali? *sigh*

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Contest Winner

congratulations to mom2anutball for winning the purple earrings! her name was chosen this morning as the contest winner.

thank you so much to everyone that participated and was excited about the earrings. keep checking back as I will be adding more giveaways soon.


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Earring Giveaway

It's time for another giveaway!
I've selected a beautiful pair of deep purple and lavender Swarovsky crystal earrings.

About the earrings:
super purple and lavender sparkle earrings are about 8mm round Swarovsky crystals which measure a little over an inch long and a little less than 1/2 inch wide. the earpiece and spacers are sterling silver as well. the picture does not do it justice as the color is deep and rich.
you'll be queen of the night with these!

How to Enter:
there's 3 ways to enter your name for your chance to win. the more you do the more chances you get.

one entry for each of the following:
1. follow my blog
2. follow me on twitter and tweet about my blog and giveaway (username is: moosamoose)
3. mark me as a favorite in any and all of my etsy shops (see sidebar)

a winner will be randomly selected on July 25th and notified via email
good luck and happy shopping!


Stunning photo of a section of the Parthenon ruin in Greece, Athens. the columns are as massive as the heat and sweat dripping down our faces as we hiked our way through the Agora. Standing in front of the ruins and temples of gods literally took me back in time, made me feel closer to God and was one of the greatest accomplishments of my life to climb the 244 gigantic steps to the ruins.

Ponte Vecchio

photo of the famous Ponte Vecchio (old Bridge), Il Duomo in Florence, Italy and Pisa. we listened to the bell tower chime as my husband Alex and I shared an original Fanta orange drink. The streets leading to these beautiful scenes are old rocky and uneven streets filled with markets, jewelry stores and lots of independent vendors. it's a bit on the dark side when filled with so many people, tourist mixed with locals and as you walk up towards the bridge the echos that fill your ears are released into the air as you take in the beauty and breath of old mixed into the new.


Pompeii was one of our favorite stops in Europe.

This archway led to a typical city neighborhood. I found the cobble stoned street beautiful and the archway full of life. Naples is a beautiful, restless, full-bodied, crazy little place on the upper part of the boot. even the ruins and what is left of Pompeii has transformed little in the way the Napoletani live their life. best part of this cruise port was the pizza. seriously the best pizza is from Naples. what made it the best? the fact that we ate in the basement of a restaurant and had little to no time to sit and eat properly since our boat was leaving for the island of Capri and our group literally raced down a flight of steep stairs and into the unknown all the while Alex holding onto our cheesy thin slice of pizza as we rushed through the locals watching us savor this masterpiece to the last bite.

One Woman Revolution

Fact or Fiction?

I HATE sensitive, ungrateful, mood-swinger people! since when has it become okay to get mad over the mundane like a misunderstood comment or the tone in someone voice? does age have anything to do with it? why are people so hurtful towards one another and when did selective memory become an excuse? what is wrong with everyone? really!

I'm sick and tired of keeping my feelings bottled up so that they may rot inside me. I've decided to re-invent myself. the new me will be even more straight-forward with a tell-it-like-is attitude. I can dish it but I can also take it. the new me is finished with allowing people to walk all over me and that includes friends and loved ones. I'm sick and tired of sugar coating it for the "sensitive" people and I'm done being nice to the "ungrateful" people. the new me will remind the ungrateful people that they should be grateful and show appreciation. I'm also done tip-toeing around the "mood swingers". go swing somewhere else!

the new me is a one woman revolution. I am not afraid of the consequences and I will live and learn from my mistakes. I've got ammunition and my mouth is cocked and loaded. the new me is not waiting for the new year to begin this revolution. it starts today, 7 8 9.

Friday, July 3, 2009


I'm celebrating independence day in all 3 of my Etsy shops until Sunday, July 5th.
Check it out... the perfect gift is a click away...

www.moosaka.etsy.com is free shipping on all purchases. just write the word "fireworks" at checkout and I will refund you the shipping through paypal.

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www.4craftsisters.etsy.com has a new SALE section where over 40 items have been discounted from their original price.

Happy 4th of July and happy shopping...

Thursday, July 2, 2009

my way is the better way and the only way

I like my music LOUD
the louder the better! I love to either sing along, drum on the steering wheel, day-dream and speed to a fast rock or dance tune...

no eating in the car
I hate people who make messes in my car. I don't like crumbs or sticky fingers. I like it neat and my way because my way is the better way and the only way.

don't touch anything
see the no eating in the car...

dirty hands, sticky fingers, throwing things on the floor when they should be thrown out of the car... I like it neat! no applying make up in the car either!

don't roll the window down
I have long hair. I love my hair. I hate my hair. wind, air from an open window makes my hair fly and become frizzy. I like the sun roof open. this way the air is distributed evenly in the car and my hair stays beautiful.

this needs no explanation... just respect me and my FoXy!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Saint Peter's Basilica in Rome, Italy

photo of the columns on the right side of Saint Peter's Basilica in Rome, Italy. the architecture and texture of these columns is just as stunning in person. the columns are massive! standing between them on a warm day after an 8 hour walk around town and the cool breeze running through my hair felt romantic, rich and cold at the same time. I remember seeing the columns from when I was a child and the basilica is still overwhelming even after 20 years away. Rome is a romantic city full of love, laughter and pasta. I know it's crazy but the columns brought those memories back to me and I swear I could smell and taste all things Roma...

Castello Sant'Angelo in Rome, Italy

photo of Castello Sant'Angelo in Rome, Italy. when I lived in Rome as a kid my dad rescued our German shepherd dog, Ciro, from that castle. the view is from a busy bridge. we walked almost 8 hours around Rome from Piazza di Spagna to Fontana Di Trevi and my favorite all time place in Rome, Piazza Navona. our day was spent walking through history as well as the childhood memories I've been sharing with my hubby Alex since the day I met him. sadly, the castle is not a very popular tourist destination but it is none-the-less a very beautiful castle with much history. our 2nd honeymoon we will go inside....

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Government RANT

I am not a political person. I do not enjoy debates, I don't care about who said what. I make my own decisions when it comes to believing what I see on TV and read on the net and newspapers. I vote. I follow the law minus an occasional "lead foot" moment and I respect other people's way of life even though I disagree with it. that said, here is why I'm so pissed at the government today.

I usually receive free birth control at my doctor's office. since they ran out of free samples I had to get a prescription and buy birth control this month around. there are 30 pills in a birth control round. 7 of these pills are water pills because they help signal to your body that it's time for that annoying friend to come by for a visit. technically, minus these 7 pills, there are now 23 pills in a round that a woman needs to take in order to avoid an unwanted pregnancy.

my pharmacy bill for this birth control came to $50! that means $50 a month for a year equals to $600 which translates to $1.66 a pill a day or $2.17 a pill a day if divided by the 23 pills actually needed and taken in a month.

my husband works hard to provide for our home, cars, cat, vacations, life in general and he also pays out of pocket a few hundred dollars a month for the both of us to have PPO health insurance which is supposed to be better than HMO insurance. we pay a high premium, yearly deductible and office co-pays plus 20% of what the insurance does not cover which believe me is a lot they don't cover.

I cannot afford $50 a month for birth control so my understanding of this is that the government would rather have a woman be on welfare and support her child for 18 years rather than give her free birth control and save millions of dollars. where is the logic in that? can someone please explain this to me? seems to me like the health care system and the government have all this backwards. and then we wonder why the economy is failing?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Get lost in 'If I Told You Once by Judith Budnitz' at the beach

think Russian witches and monsters, travel and a bit of snow.

it's a fairytale, folklore, mythology, history, love and friendship, mystery, crazy wild ride of a story!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Traveling Ring

I drove about 100 miles this past Friday to attend a ceramic craft show in San Bernardino. I make this trip twice a year with my craft-sisters. The show was awesome and I came away with knowledge, new paints and brushes, a whole lot of projects and a very small blue ring.

I found a tiny little ring on the ladies bathroom sink. I can only assume that someone took it off while they washed their hands and then walked away without it. The ring is so small it doesn't even fit on my pinkie finger. I asked the tiny girl charging admissions at the door if it was hers and if she could place it in the lost and found but she didn't quite care for what I had to say. After keeping an eye out for either a small child or a very tiny woman with tiny fingers I pocketed the ring and took it home.

Starring at this little ring now I wonder about its history and story. I've decided that I will send this ring on a journey. My plan is to tie a little ribbon to the ring with a tag that explains its found origins and my blog address.

I will leave it on a random bathroom sink with the following directions:
if the ring fits and you like it, keep it and wear it in good fortune. If it does not fit or you don't like it then place it in another public place where it can be found easily. Then, leave me a comment on the blog about what you did and why.

The experiment will be to see how far the ring travels before someone makes it their own.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

WINNERS for the Father's Day photo giveaway

Congratulations to notworthwriting and the Lingo Family for being the second contest winners. notworthwriting choose "Pinky" and the Lingo Family chose the "Serpent Sun" as their favorite pictures.

Meant to be.... when all the contestants names were placed in a hat for picking 2 of the papers were stuck together so I decided that both should be winners.

Congratulations and enjoy your pictures!

Check back often as I will be adding another contest soon. Also check out my stores as I have been adding new listings daily. Remember that the perfect gift is a click away.....

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Father's Day Giveaway

A Father's Day giveaway winner will be announced on June 17th so keep those entries coming for your chance to win a free 5x7 photo of your choice from my www.moosaka.etsy.com shop.

Also, check out the new additions on www.4craftsisters.etsy.com and www.zipidydodah.etsy.com for ceramics and vintage items.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mother's Day WINNER

Congratulations to JanetFaye for being the first contest winner. She choose "Branching Out" as her favorite picture.

Keep those entries coming for the Father's Day contest winner will be chosen on June 17th.

Enjoy your picture Janet and thanks for playing!

Friday, April 24, 2009

FREE 5x7 Photo Giveaway!!!!!


In Honor of Mother's Day and Father's Day I will be giving away a FREE 5x7 picture of your choice from my Etsy shop.

All you have to do is visit my store at http://www.moosaka.etsy.com and let me know which picture you'd like to receive for free here on my blog by posting a comment with your email address.

Then do one or all 3 for an additional bonus: follow my blog, follow my twitter (username is moosamoose) and add me as a favorite shop on Etsy.

I will announce a winner on May 5th for Mother's Day and a winner on June 17th for Father's Day. Your picture will arrive just in time for gift giving.


Thursday, April 2, 2009

My favorite rooms

Surrounded by memories and beauty these 2 rooms help me create more memories and beauty in many different forms

I have 2 favorite rooms for 2 different reasons.

I love my bedroom because the bed is so comfortable and the wood furniture is beautiful. I picked the wall paint color called "cream puff" because the furniture has these puffy like ridges which are my favorite part of the furniture. the ridges frame each piece as if it were a painting on legs displayed for my pleasure. I run my fingers along the ridges of my bedside table and when I wake up in the morning, right before Moosa the very hungry cat starts to go nuts and meow-howl, I stare at the ridges on the dresser and even though they are not perfectly 100% even or straight...as my mom likes to point out... I love them anyway. I enjoy lounging on the bed thinking about many different things. I mostly love it because I feel safe in my bedroom. I've always enjoyed thinking and living in my own world. I think about anything from grocery lists of what I will be cooking up for the day or week to books I've read, people I've seen, tv shows I like, conversations I've had and of course, my art. sometimes, during the night, right before I fall asleep I have visions of what I want to paint or color combos that would work for a piece I'm already working on. as much as I am conservative I have a very surreal nature to how I view things and I always dream in color.

I love my office because I'm surrounded by books and papers and I love how they smell. the office is the only room in whole house that does not match anything or even go together for any reason. we call the office the "blue room" because the walls were once blue but now are light yellow and spunky instead of just blue. each inch of wall space is covered with framed "The Simpson's" puzzle, clock and a talking power plant with Homer and Mr. Burns. the other side of the table which sits right next to the window are 3 large bookshelves with books standing horizontally and laying vertically. books on top of books and picture frames of family, friends, our beloved cat Moosa and our travel destinations along with boxes of pictures and travel scrapbooks held back by knickknacks and pottery I paint. that side of the wall and all the way to the window wall we hung suns and moons we've collected from Mexico, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, my own painted ceramics and gifts. a total of 12. the table is a mess of papers, bills to be paid, a tree person I painted, a talking "deedee" from "Dexter's Laboratory" and my Anna Nicole Smith bobble head, a laptop, a desk computer, lots of wires, a ukulele we bought in Kona, Hawaii and 3 Hawaiian Tiki Gods of life, money and eternity, a pink piggy bank, an ugly black lamp since we have no light in the office, 2 printers, 1 color, 1 laser, lots of pens and markers, more books, journals, notes, a Rubik cube, 2 skull piggy banks, 14 mexican animal bobble heads, my hieroglyphic name and zodiac sign, a collection of mexican phallic pipes and a collection of little buddhas among a few giraffe statues, cow miniatures, rocks we collected in Pompeii, Italy, Greece, Mexico, Guatemala and France.

My bucket list starts with: eyepicturemytravels

my bucket list consists of traveling the world at least once, settling in each place I found interesting, drive a race car and win, design and build my own mansion, win millions of dollars in the lottery and help everyone I know that could use a bit of extra mula and finally, job that pays me my worth wise... I'd love to be a photographer and writer of my travels and actually make a living doing so. life would be grand then...

Thursday, March 26, 2009

it travels with me

cell phone
duh! how did we ever live without one? very well actually!

keys to the following places/things:
my house, my yard gate, Foxy my car, my mom's house, her mailbox and gate, 1 car remote, lots of keychains

pocket mirror
it's in the shape of an envelope and I use it after every meal to make sure I don;t have anything stuck between my teeth.... hygiene... I know!

5 wet-naps and 1 anti-bac gel
I don't like dirt and I have a slight germ phobia

pocket sized monthly calendar and mini notebook
I have a cell phone but not a blackberry or PDA or whatever it is these days. I'm old-fashioned somewhat... I like to write things down on paper

mini blue pen and best pen ever!
I love my Infinity pen. it writes so well... so fluid...

most important - the wallet
little fossil wallet with CC's and $, ID, change, pics and discount cards

travel tissue and a purse hanger
I don;t like to place my purse on the floor and if I can't hang it on the chair then I use my purse buddy to suspend it from the table. and when boogers attack you can never have too much tissue....

travel size tums and aleve
for when the stomach hurts and when the head explodes

female stuff
you can never be without

lipstick, lip balm, extra hair clip
lipstick for when the mood strikes, lip balm to keep lips soft and supple and a hair clip to keep my long hair away from my face in case the original pin breaks

band-aids and alcohol wipes
emergencies like paper cuts or for the feet when I wear new shoes and haven't broken them in yet

because I'm worth it


depends on how attractive they are and if they smell bad or not.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Ditch the Ditch

the cruise and most of the ports we visited had certain moments of beauty while overall the cruise was fantastic...little periods of reality like watching people starve and the poverty around us made me wish for the comforts and luxuries of home where I am safe and happy... this was certainly eye opening and made both us appreciate even more what we have.

Our last cruise we spent 14 days crossing the Panama Canal from Florida back to LA. One of the stops was Nicaragua and although I knew it was a poor country and the volcano and city tour was practically downtown San Juan Del Sur... neither my hubby or I were prepared for the high level of poverty, people living in ditches, starving horses and mules wasting away in the hot sun and most shocking of all... little kids begging for money, selling molded nuts while wearing little to no clothes. of course the city was beautiful for it's architecture, cuisine, our tour guide, the active volcano and the church/museum we visited but while we walked and tried to admire what was in front of us we could not move past the flock of kids trying to sell us something, the poverty we had seen, the dirt and the constant echo of " signora, ceramico?"

Gaudi and Tapas

it's one of the most beautiful places in the world. the architecture alone is worth a visit. when I honeymooned in Barcelona after our Mediterranean cruise I fell in love with the people, food, Gaudi and Dali` all over again. The beaches are awesome, the arts, dance, flamenco and chocolate. :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Santa Paula Chills on V-Day

I decided I needed an adventurous road trip on Saturday to celebrate Valentine's Day by escaping the craziness of restaurants and such... so dumb-ass me reads about a place called "Santa Paula" -Ventura county's citrus capitol of the world -whatever! the pictures looked so cute and the little town reminded me of Solvang which I love so I figured it's close enough to home (we live in Woodland Hills) and we can go there for the day. I also read about the Fillmore train that takes their passengers to Santa Paula for the day. In any case, we decide to drive out after a yummy breakfast in T.O. and as expected we drive past farm land and into the "citrus fields" (about 1 acre of lemon and orange trees that I could see) and into Santa Paula... best described as the ventura capitol of fright! I felt as though we were in an episode of the Texas chainsaw massacre!!!
We drove on this tiny little road towards a beautiful snowy mountain with farm houses on each side and the more upwards we drove the scarier these farm houses looked. They literally looked like some of the scenery and houses in the movie. I kid you not! I even made a comment to my husband when we saw an old Victorian style farm house with broken glass, rusted cars in the yard and what appeared to be a guillotine or some metal torture device. I am totally serious!
At that point we decided to turn back and explore main street where all the people were. We parked my car and walked up the street to the train station where a whole bunch of people were recently dropped off. Picture this... it's Valentine's Day, day for love, flowers and happiness right?... Ok the crowd of people was not smiling and just about everyone was starring at us. Now it's very possible that the reason why people were starring at my husband and I was because of our good looks and charming smiles -but no! We quickly came to realize that not only is my beloved car the best looking one out there out of all the chicken trucks but my hubby and I are white! Especially me... I am so bright white I practically glow! Now you'd think that this fact or the 4th 98 cents store we passed by or the 3rd used clothing store advertising the coolest cowboy belts or even police on motorcycles and "off-road" SUV's on the two blocks of this main street gave us a clue... no. It was the very exciting half a block police chase we witness that made our brains click that we should leave this little Mexican hick town and be gone, far gone... needless to say we will not be visiting Santa Paula anytime soon... -more like ever!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Hour is a Mechanical Sheet

Kumaya stands transparent wishing
she could melt like white snow,
dragging her eight footed arms
against a plastic wall.
Crickets gather around jumping rope,
housing mosquito souls in
a cardboard box.

Kumaya used to be high on life
traveling in circles. A future
wife dripping meter, she
wheels her lover's squirrel to a fire room.
Pushing in silence scratching a big smile,
she thinks about the sea hour sailing
past her wedding gown.

Kumaya lost four sets of eyes,
two pairs of flaming hearts and
eight footed arms.
Kumaya subtly clumps her teeth,
sucking on her lover's molecules in
a feathered chemical soup.

Friday, February 6, 2009

my etsy shops

I've got these 2 Etsy shops I'm trying to promote.

moosaka.etsy.com sells travel photos, flower photos, Mexican jewelry and cards. I try and add new photos weekly.

4craftsisters.etsy.com is a partner site with 3 other ladies I paint with. we paint ceramics... anything from traditional to abstract crazy... well I'm the crazy one in the group :)

let me know what you think.